Going Green

Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award. 

Here at Cobble Hey Farm & Gardens we are committed to providing a good quality attraction whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

We do this by committing to:-

·          Ongoing environmental improvement in all aspects of our operation.

·          Comply with all relevant environmental legislation as a minimum level of performance

·          Raising the awareness of employees with regards to green issues (and how they can help)

·          The monitoring of progress and review of environmental performance on a regular basis.

A symbol of this commitment is our membership of the Green Tourism Business Scheme. The scheme provides accreditation and encouragement for tourism businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. By encouraging sustainable practices the scheme ensures the continued enjoyment of the environment around us for future generations.

  • All our modifications to our buildings have been completed using stone taken from the site and made use of local suppliers and labour
  • Purchase quality restored furniture made at the local chair works “Berry`s of Chipping”
  • All internal bulbs are low energy
  • All heating is sustainable in the form of a number of wood burners, where the ash is used on the garden as potash and we replant our woodlands on a annual basis.
  • We use our own produced lamb, beef, salad  produce and vegetables which is used within the tea rooms.
  • All other foods used in the tea rooms are sourced from local villages such as Chipping, Goosnargh and Garstang etc.
  • Use Ecover and other green cleaning products.
  • Use toilet paper and kitchen rolls made from recycled paper which are recycled though our composting system
  • To aid our guests an appreciation for the local countryside and to encourage sustainable activities we provide maps and guides for walkers, bridle access, tramper and cyclists.
  • All our gardening is pesticide free and we compost our garden and vegetable waste.
  • Our planting and garden care is aimed at promoting wildlife especially our specific our wildlife garden which was designed by a local primary school and created by a group of local high school students
  • Newly created sensory garden designed and created by local high school students in conjunction with Red Marsh students
  • Cardboard and newspaper is collected and recycled at our local primary school and turned into funds for their education.
  •  Non compostable paper waste is taken for recycling (Plastic Bottles and Metal Cans).
  • We encourage our visiting schools to separate out waste that can be collected and recycled..
  • We will collect all batteries and recycle them though the local high school.
  • Private bole hole water supply. Installed by Whitters and a filter system provided by Waterline to the Tea rooms, farm buildings and farmhouse.

The Farm

  • Work closely with Lancashire County Council’s Countryside Service and RSPB to improve fields and hedgerows for nesting wading birds.
  • Extra care is taken when working on the land to ensure that nesting birds and wildlife are not disturbed. Markers are placed on the land to mark nests during the nesting season.
  • Installation of a bird hide to enable visitors to view the wildlife on the farm either by foot or by use of the tramper.
  • Free range hens obtained allowed to roam around the farm, with some of the eggs being on sale and are used in the tea rooms
  • Membership of the Environmental Stewardship Scheme where the objectives are to conserve wildlife, maintain and enhance landscape quality character, protect the historic environment and natural resources, promote public access and understanding of the countryside and protect natural resources.

Cobble Hey View 1 Cobble Hey Sheep Cobble Hey Cattle Cobble Hey View 2 Flower
Cobble Hey Logo
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