Plant Sales

We have a wide selection of rare and unusual, herbaceous perennials for sale, all originally grown and propagated from the garden stock.  As they are cultivated at 600ft above sea level, they are especially hardy and of a high quality.  We specialise in phlox paniculata and are in the process of attaining National Collection status.  We stock plants suitable for every condition, from shade lovers to bog plants.

We have been lucky enough to take over the National collection of gerianums from the nearby Catforth Gardens, so the range is growing all the time.
Click here for plant list from the RHS 

The main of our plants will be available for sale form the early part of the season.  Please check the RHS list for content.  Our plants sales area is now in full bloom, so why not contact us or better still come along and view the wide range of plants available

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